NDASA Qualified Trainer Program

Our trainer program looks different than what you have come to expect. 49 CFR Part 40 requires that those desiring to train have experience performing collections. Our caveat at NDASA: we’d like to get to know you and understand your qualifications and experience so that when you present an NDASA Certification, it means you are among the best.
We offer two options:

1. Qualified Trainer $249.00
2. Approved Trainer $249.00 ($150 annual licensing fee additional)

NDASA Qualified Trainer

NDASA Qualified will receive a Five-year certificate. Trainer may provide collections training in-house and issue your company’s proof-of-training to those completing your in-house class. Trainer must participate in refresher training after 5 years.


NDASA Approved Trainer

NDASA Approved Trainer will receive a Five-year certificate. Trainer purchases licensing agreement and receives NDASA materials for training courses provided to any recipient who desires to receive an NDASA Registered Professional Collector certificate. Trainer must participate in refresher training after 5 years.

Class participants trained for this trainer will pay the trainer for their time with the added fee of the NDASA certificate ($50.00 each.) The Approved Trainer is listed on the NDASA website as a national resource.

NDASA Registered Professional Collectors will be listed in the NDASA National Registry of Professional Collectors.

Materials included in Licensing Agreement (sent in a mailed flash-drive with materials updated annually)


  1. Service Contract
  2. NDASA Training Power Point
  3. NDASA Collector Quick-Reference Guide (e-format)
  4. Student Exam
  5. Student Mock Test Guide
  6. Class Roster Form
  7. NDASA Quick-Reference Guide hard copies may be ordered at $25 per book
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